Maia and her boyfriend have been dating for eight years, but they've never said "I Love You." For Valentine's Day, This American Life helped Maia make a video to finally say those words. (p.s. they're happily married now)

Premiered on the New York Times Style Section
2016 Daytime Emmys Winner Special Class: Directing
2016 Daytime Emmys Nomination Special Class: Short Format Daytime Program
2016 Daytime Emmys Nomination Special Class: Writing
Webby Awards Winner Online Film/Video – Film – Drama Individual Short or Episode
Webby Awards Winner The Webby Fifty This American Life: Videos 4 U

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Directed by: Bianca Giaever
Producer: Jonathan Figueroa
Editors: Will Kanellos & Kelly Lyon
Colorist: Shawn King