Chevrolet’s campaign “New Year. New Roads” follows the stories of five individuals around the world as they attempt to conquer their respective fears and achieve life-changing goals. Traveling to Dubai, Sao Paolo, Boston, South Korea, and Mexico, short 360 documentaries reveal the lives, backstories, goals, and what they will encounter on the roads ahead.

Client: Chevrolet
Agency: Facebook Story Studio
Produced by: m ss ng p eces

Directed by: Tucker Walsh & Sam Smith
Post Production Technical Director & Editor: Will Kanellos
Editors: Liz Degan, Alec Sutherland, & Erik Auli

Asst Editors: Mohammed Elsafty & Danny Garfield

Manal, an Egyptian woman living in Dubai aspires to climb Mt. Everest and use the accomplishment as a platform to inspire the next generation of Arab women

After witnessing his sister's suicide-attempt, Uriel has had a paralyzing fear of heights which he hopes to overcome through skydiving.